Katamari fever

Ever since my college buddies went away and took their Playstation 2 with them, I've been in a permanent low-level state of Katamari Damacy withdrawal. To ease the pain, I amuse myself with these pale reflections.

Namco's official Katamari Damacy site has a cute little low-tech online version of the game -- click on "Presents" and "Game" to play.

Snowball, an ad for Travelers, has clearly been influenced a wee bit by Katamari Damacy.
Via Neatorama.

At E3 in 2005, there was a katamari that conventiongoers were encouraged to stick random items onto. Thoughtful of them to prop it on metal poles so it didn't get loose and go on a rampage.

At Making Toys, a toy-design blog, there's an innovative prototype for a katamari racer game: remote-controlled cars driven by cousin dolls and outfitted with velcro katamaris to pick up objects. Cute!

Don't forget the celebrated soundtrack. I was introduced to the music by an eager fan even before I ever glimpsed the game...

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Anonymous David Zuch:

Quality of life has improved tremendously for me, since getting ahold of the Katamari Damacy Soundtrack. Thanks so much!

Blogger bluewyvern:

It tends to have that effect. Glad to hear it!

Blogger Alex:

Finally! The soundtrack, thanks for posting it!

Anonymous Chad:

Ha I actually just read this interesting tidbit of info. All the Katamari characters were labeled the number 2 gayest video game characters ever. Ha I found that amusing.


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