Into the underground

City of Ember is a new favorite blog. Taking inventory of the world's tunnels, bunkers, cellars, caverns, and other dark subterranean locales, like the catacombs under Paris, the lavish Wielicza Salt Mine, or Darvaza, the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan, it's like a lushly-illustrated travel blog for the underworld.

The Entrance to Hell is a great Flickr photo pool full of mysterious portals.

Take your own plunge into the underground in CHASM, a very simple but satisfying game in which you must pilot a ship through a deep, narrow tunnel. The only thing I could have wished for was an option to reverse the Y axis, as my fighter pilot instincts inevitably kicked in whenever things got hairy and I'd plunge straight up or down into a wall, completely intending to go the opposite direction. May you fare better than I.

Under New York is an urban exploration site dedicated to exploring the dark, abandoned parts of the city. Most of the sites involve the metaphorical underside of the city, but there are quite a few interesting subterranean expeditions under Tunnels & Bridges. While the pictures are small and too few, there are a few gems — most taken looking back at the world above.

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Blogger Princess Haiku:

Hi Blue,
I visited your new, cool underworld blog. I see you have been busy entertaining yourself in your usual blue way. The current state of politics has sent me into deep escapism. -The only sane thing to do under the circumstances.

Blogger Alan R Jones:

wow, these things are so surreal in a way that's kind of spooky...what actually lies beyond the portal? I really think there's some underground (literally) civilization slowly growing under NY - kind of like the underground lair of vampires under Rome from one of Anne Rice's vampire - Vast caverns and tunnels populated by strange creatures of the dark who were once human...


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