Farewell to summer

Face it, summer's over. I thought a nice way to bid goodbye to the season would be with a roundup of great beach and sand art.

Don't miss Mitologias, the 2006 event of the Festival Internacional de Escultura em Areia, featuring incredible, monumental works of mythical subjects. (Click on "Galeria" for the pictures.) It's a pity that most of the photos of these great artworks have people standing in the way, though.

You also must see the art of "Sandguy" Kirk Rademaker. A talented and prolific sand artist, his specialty is sculptures of fantastic machines made out of sand. His architectural creations are quite impressive, too.

Sand Sculpture 2006, a Flickr photoset of an event that took place on Revere Beach in Massachussetts. Wonderfully detailed, really professional stuff.

Here is another Flickr photoset of shots from last year's Sand Sculpture Festival in Brighton. The theme was Ancient Egypt.

Ther's also the Sand Sculptures Festival -- here are some shots from last year in Haifa.

Team Sandtastic is a professional team of sand artists that creates commercial and promotional works. Their sizeable gallery of projects is divided by tonnage of sand, from tabletop art to sculptures massing thousands of tons.

More stunning work at the online gallery of sand-artist team Paul Hoggard and Remy Geerts. I like their whimsical and unusual subjects.

Sandsational is another professional sculpting company with a large gallery of works.

More? There's a sizeable mixed-bag gallery of user-submitted photos of works by professionals, amateurs, and commercial artists at Sand Castle Central.

Still more? There's another great roundup in the grow-a-brain archives.

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Great blog, I'm enjoying all the strange imagery you have linked up here.


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