Excellent webcomics: strips and dailies (Part 2)

Now for Part 2: computer-generated comics. (Here was Part 1.)

Real Life is another of my old favorites. Based on the sort-of real life of cartoonist Greg Dean, this comic has it all: wacky roommates, gaming, time travel, talking computers, plots for world domination, and more. It's the ultimate geek's comic, but I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

Also by Greg Dean: The Forge, an epic tale drawn in the Real Life style, about a hapless weaponsmith and his talking, souled sword. It was originally created for and hosted by an online sword merchant, but it's a great bit of comic storytelling that deserved a site of its own, so they finally gave it one.

Cat and Girl is a sweet, stylish, absurdist, episodic comic in black-and-white. A cat and a girl philosophize through a series of strange, random adventures with names like Cat and Girl Broaden their Horizons" and"Cat and Girl Sell Babies for Profit".

8-bit Theater is a very long, silly, hilarious epic comic that retells the story of the first Final Fantasy game -- sort of. With a cast of zany characters like the hyperactive, sword-obsessed Fighter, malicious schemer Black Mage, shifty, legalese-spouting Thief, and gorgeous, painfully virtuous White Mage, the comic reenacts the lengthy quest of the Light Warriors, with all the familiar monsters, villains, NPCs, sidequests, and detours. Now that I think about it, this comic perhaps should have gone into the last batch, with the graphic novels and epic sagas, but the episodic humor is scripted like a comic strip. Spoofs and pastiche abound. Whatever you want to call it, it's very well-executed, and if you liked Final Fantasy or even if you didn't, give it a try.

Scary Go Round is a very nicely drawn story-based comic centered around the adventures of a group of British university students. Divided into thirty chapters and counting, with a new strip every weekday, it makes for a nice long read. I've only scratched the surface myself, but I like what I see. Solid stuff.

Diesel Sweeties is a "pixelated robot romance web comic" with the following storyline: robot loves girl. Robot grapples to understand perplexing human behavior. Perplexing humans behave perplexingly. Other stuff happens. Sometimes it gets a bit raunchy.

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Anonymous Didier:

May I also "highly" recommend this British cartoonist ? http://www.garenewing.co.uk/rainboworchid/index.php
I'm not fluent enough in English to tell you more about it: just have a look and enjoy.

Blogger Adam Cadre:

Scary Go Round is great, but it's no longer computer-generated. John Allison switched to hand-drawing in August 2005, then had a relapse and went back to Illustrator for a few months, but ultimately returned to hand-drawn art in April 2006 and has stuck with it ever since.

Blogger bluewyvern:

didier: Very nice! Thank you for the link. Strange to do a comic like that in strip form, though -- it would feel a lot less disjointed if it were laid out in a whole page.

Adam: Yeesh. A separate category all its own, then?

Blogger Miss F:

hello thanks a lot for the heads up on thse comiCs really love them!!!

warm greetings from the PhiLippiNes~~~


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