Cute, humorous, and fun photograpy

Artsy photography, of course. I'm not talking about Fluffy Ducklings or Man Getting Hit By Football here.

Tiny people and food -- that's minimiam. In a series of lush, magazine-quality images, the team of Japanese photographer Akika Ida and French photographer Pierre Javelle shows us what it would be like to climb up a mountain of pastry, hunt slugs in a jungle of lettuce, drill for watermelon seeds, mow a kiwi lawn, or mine for chocolate.
Via Bibi's Box.

David Shrigley's photographs are not so much images as visual mini-stories -- and they're almost all comedies. Most of his works incorporate signs, text, or captions to create meaning in the picture. (Below are "Drink Me" and "Imagine the Green is Red" -- click to enlarge.)

Al Magnus does whimsical, lovely, vivid, dream-inspired photography that depicts the imagined worlds of children. The clouds, sun, moon, and the stars themselves become playthings in the artist's cosmic vision.

Transparent Screens -- a Flickr photoset of transparent computer monitors. Neat.

Fun with Stickers -- another great photoset. Cute!

Abba Richman does a lot of beautiful works of cities, objects, graffiti, and other bits and pieces, with a great use of color. Check out his other galleries, too, but I particularly like his Alphabet in Colour.

It's definitely not cute and it's not really humorous, but I suppose you could say that The Dead Puppet Show is sort of fun. In the wake of a failed film featuring mechanical puppets, the artist digs up the performers' decaying remains and documents them in a short guided tour of the death of machines. That's fun, right?

You can do some great things with a camera, a sunset, and a trampoline.

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Blogger xenmate:

Whoever came up with the idea of the transparent screens was clearly influenced by tano, who does something similar with street signs...

Anonymous Anonymous:

Wow. Those are some great pictures!

Anonymous Lynn S:

That's weird. I didn't even think about it when I posted that comment but the usual space for entering your name was missing. Oh. There it is. It just appeared while I was typing. Very weird.


Anonymous Simon:

Great links as usual. I used to make puppets so I know what it's like to have a lot of abandoned limbs, controls and mechanisms lying around. It's a bit of a stretch to say the Dead Puppet Show site is not suitable for children though. I particularly like the decaying latex and damaged heads. I put paint stripper on a fibreglass head once which has got to be the stupidest thing I've done in adult life. I never did get round to rebuilding that particular puppet...

Blogger Miss F:

w0nderful, Lovely picTures!!! ThaNk y0u so much f0r shariNg theSe~

Blogger CupKate:

There are some very cool pics there! I read about another cool photo/camera idea in the Australian (newspaper). Have a look at: http://cameratoss.blogspot.com/

Blogger Chuck:

Wow, where do a find a trampoline with a mountain view.


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