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Finally, she posts something useful. Here are some of my favorite sources for 3d digital desktop backgrounds -- enjoy.

Digital Blasphemy was one of the first desktop background sites I came across, and it's still one of my favorites. Most of his excellent work is subscription only, but there is a rotating free gallery where I've found some great stuff over the years, and there's also a large user gallery showcasing the work of other talented artists.

Ferenc J. Haraszti was one of the geniuses I turned up in Digital Blasphemy's user gallery. I love his detailed scenes of landscapes and urban European locations, like old shops, charming street scenes, and statuesque cathedrals. His work has a rich, rough texture, almost like a painting or pastel, that is a refreshing change from the slick, seamless, inorganic look that characterizes most digital art.

Visual Paradox has several large galleries, divided into themes such as real-world, creatures, sci-fi and fantasy, and objects. To be honest, a lot of them are duds, but scattered throughout are a few outstanding gems that are really worthwhile.

Plasma Design is another subscription-based site, but there are a fair number of lovely free images mixed in with the member-only ones. Very nice, smooth land- and waterscapes, divided into sunrise, day, sunset, and night galleries.

Back when I first came across it, Shifted Reality was a nice collection of some quite good landscapes. Checking back now, I see the artist's talent has really developed, and the newer works are simply stunning. The scenes have become broader and more detailed, with a lot of nicely textured aerial shots of alien worlds along with some closer views. A lot of the images remind me of conceptual renderings of Myst ages.

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Blogger Windy Lampson:

Thanks for the list of sites!

Anonymous ladysusan:

Shifted reality is really extraordinary! I've never seen so many keepers.

Anonymous orangeguru:

Click. Click. Click. ;-)

Thanks for sharing!

Blogger RenderB:

Some of them are indeed quite impressive. (Can never have enough nice ones with dolphins.) shame they are all statics. I've gotten rather spoiled with various dynamic and interactive desktops and now going back to a static image feels a bit..deadish.


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