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It came from under the sea...

A team of American-led divers has discovered a new crustacean in the South Pacific that resembles a lobster and is covered with what looks like silky, blond fur, French researchers said Tuesday.

Scientists said the animal, which they named Kiwa hirsuta, was so distinct from other species that they created a new family and genus for it.

The divers found the animal in waters 7,540 feet (2,300 meters) deep at a site 900 miles (1,440 kilometers) south of Easter Island last year, according to Michel Segonzac of the French Institute for Sea Exploration.

This is an incredible creature. It hardly looks real...doesn't it look like some kind of alien fauna created in a special effects shop?

Amazing that we're still discovering things like this.

Via 3 Quarks Daily.

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Blogger Maktaaq:

I don't think I have your email, because last night I emailed the furry lobster to everyone on my list.

There was another site that talked about the blonde lobster:

The news only gets better:


"It's so unusual, with a furry shell and the ability to chirp, that
scientists have placed it in its own genus.

But the lobster was almost lost to science.

Rumour has it the French researchers who discovered the world's first
specimen in the 1980s didn't realise its significance. So, they ate it
for dinner."

Blogger bluewyvern:

Nice article. That one looks like a different creature, though. Maybe thery're related -- maybe there's a whole subset of furred lobsters out there, from the short-haired chirpers to the blind, shaggy K. Hirsuta.

When we encounter rare creatures, our first instinct does indeed seem to be to eat them. That's what scientists recently did with some ancient thawed-out woolly mammoth meat after they'd finished studying it, I believe...

Oh, and you must have my e-mail...I did get the recent announcement about your big news. At least I found the lobster on my own...I hope I haven't missed any other cool stuff you've sent my way!

Blogger Maktaaq:

I'll make sure to send the cool stuff, then. Weird, my favourite animal news and I forgot...

They ate a woolly mammoth??? How? When? What taste? Uh oh, research needs to be done...

Anonymous ladysusan:

Oh my god, you would have to strap me down and force feed me to get me to eat that lobster--I mean, I'm happy for the sake of science and all, but geez is that thing scary.


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