Illusions in three dimensions

Julian Beever makes amazing pastel pavement drawings that, when viewed from the right angle, create stunning 3-d illusions. Unfortunately, a lot of the best ones don't have "wrong angle" shots to show you the trick. Here's one of the decent ones, although the angle of the initial shot is very slightly off.
I think it was LadySusan who first put me on to his great stuff.

Here's a fascinating gallery of 3-d optical illusions created by painting rooms so that a form appears when viewed from precisely the right angle. They're very impressive. I've seen them linked a couple of times, but there doesn't seem to be much background on who created them or where. Neat anyway.
Via Random Good Stuff.

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Anonymous Alexandra:

These are very cool. The DS and I spent a long time looking at the images from the links you provided. Neat, neat, neat. Thanks!

Blogger Online Degree:

VERY cool!

Anonymous Anonymous:

Yeh I saw a few more from this guy. There was one where it looked like a hole in the cement and they did an experiment on how many people would try to avoid stepping in it. It was crazy. Plus there was one that was my favorite. It was a from a top a building looking at least 60 floors down to the ground below. Yet it was a drawing on the side walk it was amazing.



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