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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Blue Tea's very first meme. Yes, I have finally been tagged, by Patrick of Le Web...et le reste.

List five weird habits you have. Tag five.

1. I begin every morning with a fairly regimented breakfast ceremony, with a bowl of cereal, tea with milk, a glass of orange juice (with added calcium), a glass of water, and a multivitamin. I lay out the dishes on the table in the same arrangement every day and prepare and consume everything in the same order: cereal, juice with vitamin, tea, water. I keep three cereals in the cabinet, always Multigrain Cheerios and then two other rotating varieties. My tea I always drink in an unusual mug shaped like a gargoyle, which I really should post a picture of someday. I only use the gargoyle mug in the morning -- when I have tea later in the day I select a different vessel.

2. I take baths, always at night, and only shower when really pressed for time or when no bathtub is available.

3. I have a very strong aversion to spoilers for movies, tv shows, books, etc., and go to great lengths to avoid them. Even if it's not something I particularly care about. I'm really into the artistic integrity of a work.

4. I always finish books once I start them. There was one time in recent memory where I didn't -- a book of short stories, The Dragon Path by Kenneth Morris -- and even then I suffered through far longer than I should have. (If you've read one Kenneth Morris story, you've read them all.)

5. I screen phone calls. Always.

Take it away: LadySusan, Maktaaq, Lynn, Michael, and PoshRockerBoy.

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Blogger Patrick:

Thanks for your entry!

Anonymous Lynn:

I'll try to do this sometime today. I'm still thinking about it.

Anonymous Lynn:

Okay. I just posted my list.

Blogger Neil:

You must be lucky enough to have a nice bathtub. I love taking baths, but I've always lived in apartments with bathtubs that hardly could fit my six foot frame. I dream less about owning a BMW or mansion than I do of one day having a large bathtub.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Who said it was nice? I am, however, short.

And anything will do, provided it can contain water and me at the same time.

Anonymous Anonymous:

Yours is great. I finally did mine. It's on my blog. So check it out. Funny thing is.... I knew you did all 5 of those things. Well I didn't know about the cereal but for the most part I knew all the rest word for word. Guess that shows how good of friends we are. Aww sentiment.... *warm fuzzies ensue*


Blogger Maktaaq:

I am tardy!

But I think on Monday I should have time for blogging and will get down to it!


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