End the torturous farce


Anonymous ladysusan:

It's interesting that while Professor Trinkhaus found mostly indifference, the photos indicate terror. Of course those would be the kind that get submitted, since they're more amusing...but did you notice that while the younger children cry and struggle, the older children tend to smile nicely to the camera? Do they grow to enjoy it as they get older and they lose their fear, or do they simply mask their indifference when they know a photo is being taken and smile for the camera as they've been taught? How many of these older children actually like sitting on Santa's lap and how many do it for their parents?
Thinking back, I think I got pretty excited about it. But then, as J.W. would say, I ****** loved that ****, and besides, I didn't get out that much and a trip to the mall, with a chance to see decorations and wear a special outfit, was a pretty big thing.


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