Engaging arcade games

I use the term "arcade games" to cover the fairly broad category of simple, single-concept games that do not involve a significant adventure or roleplaying component. Some may be more strictly defined as action, or puzzle, or something else entirely, but for my purposes, they're arcade.

This will be but a brief departure from my adventure game focus...these are just the games that are too cool to ignore.

I am a big fan of Orisinal, a large collection of very well-done flash games by designer Ferry Halim. Simple games, with innovative concepts, stylish design, and adorably, though not cloyingly, cute graphics. Out of the many games, there are a few in particular I'd recommend: A Daily Cup of Tea, Floats, Cats, Panda Run, Roperunner, the Bottom of the Sea, and The Truth is Up There...almost all of them, really. There's hardly a dud in the bunch.

Roshambo Run is a quirky, entertaining game. The concept: "You're a miniature angry nun who loves coffee. Shut up, you just are." It's one of those grid-navigation types where you must thread a path around obstacles (muffins) and enemies (rocks, paper, and scissors) to reach a goal (coffee).

Flip Card is a very attractive little time-waster. By controlling the direction and force of your hand, you must flip playing cards into a top hat. A nice interface and charming graphics and sound effects make it all worthwhile.

Classic 80's Games is the place to go if you experience a fit of nostalgia and long to play Pacman, Space Invaders, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Pong, or one of several other old-school games. It's all right here.

For more flashback fun, try Lemmings.

Curveball is a nice ping-pong type game. Simple, but very sleek. Like a workout in the holodeck.

Dad n Me is a very violent but oddly satisfying fighting game in which you are a young monster wreaking havoc in a schoolyard and around town. The animation is smooth and detailed, and the fight system, though using only two keys, is very complex, with lots of combos and special moves. There are many dynamic objects in the game, too, which can be hit, picked up, thrown, and blown up. Yes, oddly satisfying.

Chaos Theory is a very simple game with an interesting concept. You click on a single spot to start a chain reaction explosion and try to blow up all of the balls on the screen. I don't know how much skill is involved, but it's fun to watch a few times.

Metaphysik is a really interesting and challenging game. You must manipulate a ball through the screen to the exit without letting it touch the walls. Many levels have switches and traps along the way. You control the ball with the arrow keys, using "up" to counteract gravity, while gently nudging it left and right to maneuver it. The ball moves in surprising ways, and is quite tricky to master.

Next time: Interactive Eye Candy, Part II.

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Anonymous ladysusan:

Have you ever played that game where you guide a ball of light along a path of squares, and as you move across them they fall into the void so you can't retrace your steps, and the point is to cover all the squares in a continuous line? I played it once but now I can't find it anymore.
Ferry Halim's "The Way Home" was *the* game of my senior year spring semester. Jason used to say I was psychotic for always playing a simple little game about a squirrel.

Anonymous Anonymous:

Hey nice blog site.

Anonymous Anonymous:

This is absolutley the coolest, funiest most entertaining site. Just discovered it a few days ago and am working my way through the many styles of games, I LOVE it, especially as I am home sick with a nasty virus. Well done clever Blue Tea person!!!! JB

Anonymous Anonymous:

theese games rule


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