Animal photography

Galen and Barbara Rowell's Mountain Light Photography has, in addition to some truly gorgeous landscapes, a wildlife gallery that's really worth seeing. The many colorful images of rare animals from around the world captured in their splendid natural settings are a real treat.

Nick Brandt does striking, black-and-white photographs of African wildlife, often combining animals and human elements. His pictures are beautifully composed, and present moving, intimate portraits of his graceful subjects.

Olga Samuels's animal photographs are arresting and amazing. Brilliantly iridescent, her close-ups show off every hair, feather, and scale in sparkling detail. Her often whimsical compositions feature everything from dogs and cats to farm animals to, best of all, exotic lizards, snakes, and birds.

Jim Zuckerman has galleries featuring all kinds of different photography genres, but today I want to point you to his animal galleries: North American Wildlife, Faces Only a Mother Could Love, Wild Cats, and Galapagos Islands. Lots of bright, bold shots of exotic animals in the wild.

This is a repost, but I had fewer animal photographers than I thought, so I'll point you again to Ashes and Snow, the serene, spiritual photography of Gregory Colbert. His elegantly posed scenes are an attempt to portray the perfect (comm)union of human and animal. If you've visited before, it's worth another look -- there's a slideshow version of his portfolio up with a lot of new material for an upcoming exhibition, including some interesting moving images.

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