Online game entries updated

By far the most popular entries on this blog are my series of links to online adventure games. They -- particularly the ones that mention "Myst" or "Samorost" -- bring in most of the search-engine traffic, and they've probably proved more useful to the internet population at large than anything else I've banged out on my little keyboard and slapped up here.

So I have done a couple of things. One, I have gone back and edited all of the posts to bring them up to current standards: all the games now include a screencap and a link to a walkthrough. I've also updated a few links where I found a better walkthrough or game host, and made sure that all the links opened in new windows. All links to Nordinho pages have been updated.

Two, I have added a new section to the sidebar, "Archive Series: Online Adventure Games," where I will add links to each new entry as I create it. If Blogger only allowed categories, I could do it that way, alas...but I wanted some way of keeping all these links together, so there it is.

Now that all the old business has been taken care of, I can get on with the writing of new posts. The next installation in the series will be Interactive Eye Candy, a very fun one...

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