Dream a little dream

This is really neat.

Dreamlines is a cool new toy that will take a few keywords from you and render you a series of vague, amorphous patterns and images in a slow, surreal dream sequence. It's the latest of the recent slew of innovative projects using Google's image search feature to create some amazing things.

Here is an image from my first dream, using the terms "blue tea":

My second dream, "blue wyvern", was a bit more abstract for the most part, but here is one of the more coherent images:

Look familiar? I kept seeing this pattern of framed boxes with cryptic scrawled text reminiscent of children's school drawings, until it finally dawned on me that this particular dream was drawn almost entirely from images of Magic: The Gathering cards.

That killed a little of the magic for me, but it's still pretty cool.

Via Ursi's Blog.



Anonymous Adam Cadre:

For a good time, try typing "Mondrian" into this.

Anonymous Anonymous:

This to me was breath- taking. The images I got were really awesome and I hope you don't mind but I'm yoinking the link and posting it on my blog as well. Only problem was I couldn't figure out the html to get a freeze frame like you did to post the pics.... How did you do that? Also for a fun time, try typing "Goth" into it. The pics were stellar.



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