Blue Tea: Now with more culture!

My blog categories clearly needed an overhaul. I had a ridiculously large number of very different kinds of blogs lumped together under "Personal" -- including some group blogs and some where the lives of the posters were essentially never mentioned. Well, that has been remedied with the addition of a new "Culture" category, featuring some emigrants from "Personal" as well as some all-new entries. As a general rule, I included in this category blogs which featured more writing than linking, and concerned themselves with broader issues, like news, trends, politics, and "kids these days", more than personal events. It's of course all very fluid. I am grouped together with "culture" blogs in more than one blogroll, though I don't fit these guidelines -- I'm certainly more linking than writing, for one. But I'm not really sure if I consider this a link blog, either. To me, real link blogs are Bibi's Box or Boing Boing (I file them under the name "Stuff"), beside which I pale in comparison.

I also decided that a couple of blogs, like No Milk Please and Citizen of the Month, were clearly humor blogs that had no business hobnobbing with the personals; they have been moved into "Humor, Strange" where they belong (making the group collectively a little more humorous and a little less strange).

The "Tea" category has had to be renamed to "Tea, Coffee" to accommodate Café Metaphoric, my first all-coffee blog, which was too interesting to exclude.

There are still some standouts that defy easy categorization, but I think overall everything is much better aligned now. As always, I hope that this little bit of blogroll news promts you to further exploration. Have fun.

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Anonymous Bibi:

Thanks, but I post a lot of different things too, and you are doing a great job here. I was thinking about this yesterday on my minuts of "how to get more readers", but I don't think that I can keep just one subject. I can try to lie to my readers and say that is a blog about art, culture and tips to bloggers, and put all the strange things on culture.

Thanks again, I'm very happy that you like it! :)

Blogger Neil:

Thank you for keeping me in the company of such esteemed bloggers on the blogroll of your wonderful blog. I will try my best to be humorous and strange to make this category proud.


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