Visual poetry

Brazilian Visual Poetry is a wild, wonderful connection of visual poems that combine words, fonts, arrangement, image, and color in a great blend of poetry and art.
Via scribblingwoman.

Altered Books is a neat project to create art and poetry by selectively vandalizing the pages of books.
Also via scribblingwoman.

A couple of lovely animated poems:

About the Other Animals is an elegant, powerful poem about the creatures denied passage on the Ark. It is featured in Born Magazine, an "Art and Literature Collaboration" showcasing a collection of interactive media projects.
Via grow-a-brain, via scribblingwoman.

Ode to Summer is probably not strictly speaking an animated poem, although it is about a poem. It is a gorgeously animated gem of a film by Ron Hui which brings Chinese calligraphy and painting to life.

UPDATE: LadySusan has pointed me to the excellent altered-book art of Tom Phillips. You can also see his "treated book," Humument, at its own site, www.humument.com. Cool stuff.

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Anonymous Ladysusan:

Altered books reminds me of Tom Phillips Humument.

Did I ever tell you about seeing his work in England?

Blogger bluewyvern:

Wow, those are great. Thanks for the link!

No, I don't think I remember you mentioning him before. Do tell!


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