Surreal photography

Bsimple.com is the conceptual photography of Misha Gordin. The human drama is staged in several thematically linked series of stark tableaux in black and white. Anonymous figures stand in crowds, grapple with giant masses, stand bound or blindfolded, gather scattered objects, dig in holes, burst into flames, or scream in mute anguish, locked into symmetrical boxes or placed against vast backdrops of infinite deserts and endless oceans. Very powerful.

Insomnium is the surreal and dream-inspired photography of Kevin Wilson. His work consists mostly of digitally-manipulated photographs, sometimes paired with text; there are hands with eyes, long halls, swimming faces, curious bodies, bits of cats, clocks, broken dolls, strange bedfellows, objects melting and blending and transforming. Many of his photographs, in true surrealist fashion, are renderings of visions and dreams half-remembered. Most are in black and white, with occasional color images -- isn't that how they say people dream?

The work of Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison is surprising and touching. Like Misha Gordin, they attempt to represent human endeavours in surreal, black and white imagery, but unlike Gordin's vast, impersonal geometry of figures, their images, rough and grainy like old sepia photographs, are quirky and intimate. Dressed in rumpled suits, the figures in the scenes seem to be custodians of nature, using string and twigs and ladders and fantastic but old-fashioned machines to rake leaves, shake out carpets of grass, harness lightning, make rain, sow seeds, and dust the sky.

I'm actually a bit surprised that I don't have more sites to share. I have loads of links to wonderful photographers, but none in quite this category. Anyone have anything to add?

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Anonymous crazygirl:

I like these couple of pics by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison. I had to go over to their website and check out the rest of them. Thanks for sharing.

oh, I got here from Suzanne G.'s site http://www.wurzeltod.ch/, and had got there from Bibi's box http://www.bibi.org/box/, because I noticed we had some links in common over on del.icio.us. what a tangled web we weave :)

Anonymous Anonymous:

Very nice, but you need to post a webpage for Dominic Rouse. He uses film, scans, does his work in photoshop, has a neg made and prints on B&W fiber paper. Here is his URL:


Blogger Spaceboy9702:

Very cool images.
I was perusing your blog...you mentioned coming over from blurty....did you transfer your posts or just go cold turkey?

Blogger bluewyvern:

Hi, spaceboy --

For about a month I made (identical) new postings to both Blogger and Blurty, and then I just stopped posting to Blurty altogether. Didn't transfer anything.

Anonymous ToastedGhost:


Excellent images. Besimple has some striking images with powerful undertones. Amazing to find that these are all create using traditional darkroom methods.

hope you don't mind me leave a tag to my own website. If you require a link please let me know.


Blogger bluewyvern:

Hi, toastedghost,

I don't mind at all. I like to see my visitors' sites -- as long as they're real visitors and their sites aren't catalogs for mail-order pharmaceuticals.

Glad you liked the images -- I need to do more in this category. I'm sure I could come up with at least a couple.

Anonymous ToastedGhost:

Hi bluewyvern

Firstly may I congratulate you on a fabulously designed website. The look is brilliant with an excellent surreal feel. The number of links provided are staggering.

Yes I would love to add some images to this category and have many to offer. Could you please inform me as to how I upload images and to where do I upload them?

you can email me @
or simply leave a message here.

And many thanks for your warm welcome.


Blogger bluewyvern:

No uploading is necessary -- I don't usually make my own galleries, just take samples from sites on the web. If you have some more urls of artist sites or collections to share, feel free to recommend a couple here.

Anonymous Anonymous:

maybe like you this:


Blogger bluewyvern:

I do! Thank you for the link!

Anonymous Anonymous:

Hello, Finally I have found a website that will help me, thank you so much for making this website and having all these links, it has truly helped me alot for my forthcoming exams. =)

Anonymous Anonymous:

Hehehehehehe. I just read ur "slogan" & it just cracked me up, so i had to post you a comment!
oh by the way, its the same person as above here. :P

Blogger bluewyvern:

Anon: Thanks, glad you like! I was wondering if anyone would notice the heading.

I'm curious, what exams are you taking? I didn't think this blog was good for anything...

Anonymous W.I.P.:

Its helped me alot as well, in my photography course for the critical studies of similiar artists.


Anonymous Anonymous:


Thanks so much for making this page. As with the person above, this was really helpful for my photography course. I always liked surrealist photography, and decided to choose that theme as my year-long project for the course, but recently I was getting frustrated because I couldn't think of any good photos. These great links are just so great to get the mind going, and even though the photos that I'm taking don't even resemble the ones here, its seeing these that got me inspired enough to come up with the other ideas.
:-) So thanks a lot!

Anonymous Anonymous:

I love your site!! perhaps you may be interested in the surreal section of my website? Please let me know what you think ? www.cjproud.co.uk

Anonymous Anonymous:

Hello :)

I was wondering if you could tell me if this picture counts as surrealist photography: http://www.bebo.com/PhotoAlbumBig.jsp?MemberId=6058798182&PhotoNbr=1&PhotoAlbumId=7172079799
It's an image made for some horror film thats just been brought out and after seeing it I felt really inspired.

I would really love to use this sort of thing in my art project on surrealist photography. I wasn't sure if it counted as surreal photoraphy if you edited on the computer. I was also wondering if the surrealist images had to convey a 'deeper meaning'. Or am I just worrying too much about rules and regulations when i should be enjoying art? I'm just gettting a bit worried 'cause I'm 13 and next year is the start of my two GCSE years(!!)

Anyway sorry I rambled on a bit! Any help on this subject would be very gratefully recieved :)


Anonymous Anonymous:

Just in case the above link doesn't work:


Blogger bluewyvern:

Chris: Thanks for sharing your work. Nice stuff!

Anon: Well, I can offer you a few thoughts, but I'm no authority on the subject (although really, there isn't any authority anywhere with a clipboard checking off what "counts" as surrealist art or not -- remember it's all subjective!)

For one, surrealist art (photography or any other medium) certainly isn't disqualified by being computer-manipulated. Digital photo collage, like that eye image, is a very rich medium for surrealism.

The only issue I would have with considering this image as "art" is that it was created for commercial purposes, which would put it more in the area of graphic design. Again, it's all subjective. The question "what is art" will keep tongues wagging until the end of time. But it's definitely inspired by a surrealist tradition, and if it inspires you, then run with it.

Good luck with your project! You're asking some interesting questions, and I hope you find some interesting answers. Have fun.

Anonymous Anonymous:

Thanks so much!

You've been a great help!


Anonymous Anonymous:


Blogger dreameaten:

Although it appears this was made years ago I just thought I would leave a comment to say hi! I'm in my first year of a BA in Fine Art and your website has been very helpful for my research into surreal photography - I'm doing some of my own using masks. Surrealism is Awesome :-)

Anonymous Anonymous:

I haven't read through all the comments but there is a surrealist photographer who has a wonderful site www.kadykinetic.com or you could just search Kady Kinetic! Hope you enjoy the photos!!

Blogger bluewyvern:

dreameaten: I'm very glad you found it useful. Good luck with your studies!

Anonymous: Thanks for sharing the link!


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