Silent films

I've just discovered NEOMUET, a collection of seven silent films celebrating and revitalizing that classic art. Ranging from serious to whimsical to gently parodic, the films are all wonderful, but if you just want a taste I would particularly recommend Richard III, La Boxe, and especially Horror. The site and all of the films are available in both French and English.
Via Bibi's box.

Neomuet reminded me that I should also point you to Nicholas Gurewich's (of The Perry Bible Fellowship, and SEW, which I mentioned earlier) excellent silent film The Liars, a surreal, stop-motion silent film about a quarrelling couple and their trip to the moon. It's simply stunning -- visually, conceptually, everything. Go see!

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Blogger laurenbove:

wonderful links...you've got some great stuff here...

Blogger atoep:

I recently watched these as well. Great stuff.


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