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Guédelon is an intriguing and ambitious project: as they describe it, "For the next 20 years, thirty five craftsmen and women will be building before your very eyes a medieval castle. They will do so following XIIIth century techniques. The natural site in the middle of the forest will provide them with all the building material necessary : wood, water, stone, earth, sand and iron." It's been underway for a some years already, and is quite an impressive undertaking.

If a castle seems extravagant, how about a house made of cardboard? This prototype could be the first of a series of commercially available, portable, some-assembly-required homes constructed entirely of cardboard and other recyclable materials.
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Try this quick test -- can you tell the computer programmers apart from the serial killers? I got all but one right -- but I missed one of the killers, so I suppose I'm dead.

Worthwhile Onion article: "Evangelical Scientists Refute Gravity With New 'Intelligent Falling' Theory."

A cute cartoon at Don't Drink the Koolaid, "God: A Career Retrospective", might explain a few things.

An interesting New York Times article about the badly-thought-out cover to Rick Moody's new book: "Book Misjudged by Its Cover Gets (What Else?) New Cover."
Via Bookslut.

An article at Editor and Publisher looks at what editors do when faced with an official movie title containing errors: Press Wrestles with Grammatically Incorrect 'Virgin'."
Also via Bookslut.

The portfolio of this professional retouch artist has a twofold effect: it could be a reassuring reminder that models aren't that different from anyone else, or it could be a sickening testament to our warped airbrush-culture and our outrageous ideals of beauty. I'm torn.

Slate has an interesting take on the always-delightful blog Overheard in New York.

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