Where you go when you die

You can become a diamond. For the right price, the good folks at LifeGem will compress your cremated remains into as many as a hundred sparkling colored diamonds and fashion them into all kinds of rings, pendants, and other jewelry to satisfy your loved ones' wearable memorial needs. Hey, a body is mostly carbon after all, right?

Or you could become a tree. The Bio-Urn is an organic burial urn containing a seed, fertilizer, and your ashes. As you decompose, the seed grows, transforming your earthly remains into a new living tree. The Bio-Urn seeks to turn cemeteries into forests, and to plug you directly back into the circle of life. All very The Lion King.
Link via Martine.

Sticks and stones from out my bones...



Blogger bluewyvern:

I forgot to mention, they'll make LifeGems for pets, too. Here's a fun project: when your beloved pooch dies, have him cloned and have his LifeGem set into a collar for Poochie 2 to wear. Repeat. Poochie 12 will be an eleventh-generation clone with a gem-studded collar full of the remains of all his genetic parents!

Blogger bluewyvern:

In the news, by the bye, is this story of a dog successfully cloned in Korea...


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