Unexpected visitors

Does anyone know what might cause a whole slew of blogs that clearly have no links to me and nothing to do with me -- apparently real, personal blogs as well as spam, inactive, and blank ones -- to show up in my referrers list? And it's not even a referrers list that's published on the page, just my site meter stats. Some even with multiple page views. No spam comments or anything.

I thought I had a vague idea of what goes on out there, but this one doesn't make much sense to me.

UPDATE: Well, I think I've partially solved it. I should have known -- my My Blog Log stats helpfully indicate that the "next blog" button is the most frequently clicked link today. Apparently something's just whipping through the blogs one after another. That would be why they're all Blogger addresses... Still, I'm not sure what it gets anyone.



Blogger FutureFoodTVStar:

I was wondering the same thing. I received about 20 new hits today, including you, in my referer's list. Did you actually come visit me or is something going on?

Blogger bluewyvern:

Nope, I never did visit you. Weird.

Blogger Sarah:

Guilty as charged!! It's because of blog-hoppers like me...

that "next blog" button must just love to pull up your blog ;)

Blogger bluewyvern:

Yeah, but this was like 20 visits in an hour. Unless someone declared yesterday "blog-hopping day," this kind of traffic isn't normal...

I am glad you stopped by, though. :)

Blogger MG:

This happens to me too from time to time. I think Blogger randomly assigns blogs to be the "next blog" on everybody's (or a large group of bloggers') "next blog" button for a short time.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Oh, is that what happens? Interesting. That would explain it. Your fifteen minutes of fame.


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