Magical artwork

Just the enchanting and enchanted work of a few amazing artists I would like to share with you.

Cheval noir. Aya Kato, an artist working in Japan, does lush, unbelievably intricate, often dark paintings of figures from folklore, fairy tale, and children's literature, both Japanese and Western. Her work is meticulous, and the incredibly detailed world she creates is both sensuous and disturbing.

The Chimerical Constructions of Aria Nadii. From the website: Aria Nadii is a transcendental artist and alchemist whose materials include embroidered fabrics woven through with metals, musical scores and the shredded pages of old books, fragments combined with oils and inks to create a landscape of transformation. There are a lot of Hindu motifs, mythological figures, medieval beasts, and other similar borrowings. I especially like the Astrological and Alchemical galleries.

Connie Toebe Gallery. Connie Toebe constructs fascinating little scenes in boxes, using collage, paper cut-outs, fabric, and sculpture objects to create magical dioramas, often drawing on fairy-tale themes. They are very beautiful, and the stories they tell are subtle and fascinating. I found myself reminded at several points of the Shrines and Navigational Boxes in the Gazio Room of Nick Bantock's Museum at Purgatory.

Speaking of Nick Bantock, there are a couple great galleries of his outstanding work online. His official site has a couple of nice new galleries, if you can deal with the fact that it's as much a catalog as a gallery and all the work is for sale with large, disheartening price tags. Griffinandsabine.com, an unofficial site run in collaboration with the artist, also has a few galleries displaying a selection of hand-picked artwork.

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Anonymous Ladysusan:

Ooh, I really like the Aria Nadii stuff. It's too bad that part of what makes it so cool--the depth and effect of the layers--means that you can't really get a print of it.

Blogger laurenbove:

oooh. mee likey!


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