Art and music in motion

La Pâte à Son is a very cool toy where you assemble different kinds of pipes on a board in order to make music as little beans are shot through them. You can engineer your own music machine -- it's lots of fun. Trust me.
Via Little Fluffy Industries.

Reminds me of Animusic, impressive digitally animated films of elaborate music machines operated by the motion of thousands of little ping-pong balls.

Then there's Drum Machine, long one of my favorite animations. Watch the little guys play the drums with their heads, and enjoy the beats.
Originally via Beautiful Stuff.

Sensory Impact blogs about Cinepainting, a neat film of falling, splashing paint -- a sort of living painting. Link to a preview video.

This amazing artist creates shifting, moving sand pictures live on an overhead projector. The effect is stunning.

This animation shows a drawing of a woman being created moment by moment, from the skeleton up.
Via Le Web...et le reste.

"Time for Space Wiggle" is a nifty technique for creating stereo images with the illusion of 3-d space by rapidly flashing back and forth between two frames. A creepy and cool effect. (Others have noted, so I will too, that a few of these images are NSFW.)

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