Now I'm spying on you.

What I really want is the referral tracker from TrueFresco, but they're not accepting new members, and no sign of when they might be in the future. So I got myself a Site Meter instead, which seems pretty neat so far (and they actually do track referrals, which I didn't know). Now the only thing I need is some traffic to track.

There's little news to report in my life: my attempts to find a new or supplemental job have so far been unsuccessful. I continue to toil away behind a register. It's damn hot, and I wish this apartment had an air conditioner. And I'm tired of spotting cockroaches. I'm told by the exterminator that the giant ones we've been getting aren't the kind that infest, they probably just got in somehow from outside. I am still not pleased to discover them on my kitchen counter. (It's only three total so far -- one a couple months ago, and then two in the last three days. That had better be all.)

So instead of regaling you with tales of my exciting life -- that road trip used up my excitement allotment for a while -- I'll post assorted links, instead.

A recent Onion article: Bush Regales Dinner Guests with Impromptu Oratory on Virgil's Minor Works. It is to weep. Incidentally, I think this sort of fantasy is one of the reasons that The West Wing is such an appealing show.

And another: "Midwest" Discovered Between East and West Coasts. Cute. I, a recent traveler from these fabled lands, can vouch for their existence. They're stunning -- everyone should make the trek to see these wild regions for themselves someday.

The latest issue of Bookslut features a comic-book version of Neil Gaiman's speech at the 2005 Nebula Awards, which is quite cool.

Here are some amazing pictures of mammatus cloud formations in Nebraska.
Link via Boing Boing.

A Florida artist sculpts amazing pure chocolate roses. One of these sinful treats will cost you a couple hundred dollars. But who could eat one?
Link also via Boing Boing.

Chinadaily has an article about a Chinese man who has written a love story using only punctuation marks. He is now offering a reward in the hopes of finding someone who can understand it.
Link via Bookslut.

The New Yorker has an interesting article about Roald Dahl, The Candy Man.
Link via Bookslut.

According to a BBC News article, an American study has led to the startling conclusion that prayers don't save sick people.
Link via orangeguru.

That's all. Kinda boring post for today. Come back later.

reading: Ben Bradlee, A Good Life (finally finished Fast Food Nation)
saw: Supersize Me; Fahrenheit 911; Fahrenhype 911; Metropolis; The Rock; Firefly
playing: nothing really...
game of the day: One Time Never

music: a fairly eclectic mix I made today with the stunning title of "cool music"; curr. Sting, "Desert Rose"
beverage: Twinings Irish Breakfast tea

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