Moon Day

Today is Moon Day, the 36th anniversary of the July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing.

To commemorate the day, Google has adapted its Google Maps system to create Google Moon, a map of the moon's surface using NASA imagery, with the sites of the Apollo landings marked out. Pretty limited, but cute. Now when do we get a full map of the moon to play with? And all the planets? C'mon, Google Solar System...

You can read about Moon mythology or the colonization of the Moon at Wikipedia. Or you can read about the Moon and missions to the Moon at Uncyclopedia. You can also read about the Moon at h2g2.

If Google Moon has only whetted your appetite for lunar exploration, try Moon Base, a 3d chat environment where you can bounce around the moon, ride moon buggies, and, if you like, exchange chatter with other bouncing astronauts.

Boing Boing shares ideas for Moon Day celebrations, most of which involve Tang.

The moon, by the bye, will be almost but not quite full tonight...the full moon is tomorrow. Ah, well. Go out and look at it tonight, anyway. Happy Moon Day.

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Blogger Norden:

I'm waiting for the political boundries.


Blogger bluewyvern:

Quite an interesting article. Thanks for the link!

Anonymous orangeguru:

Nice collection of links! Happy Moon day! ;-)


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