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You may have noticed new sections in my ever-growing sidebar: the blog categories have been expanded, and I have three all-new sections, Forums, News, and Resources.

These links are probably more for me than for anyone else, though if someone happens along and is enticed by the SurLaLune message board, then all the better. I figure if I have links to BBC News on my sidebar, as I'm scrolling down clicking my links I'm more likely to actually look at the news and learn something about what's going on in the world. And then find an interesting article and link to it in a post. Good for everyone, eh?

Speaking of links, here are some links.

It's been around, but I've been planning to post my own link to it eventually. A panel of conservatives dreamed up a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. I suggest that you run home and read them all immediately.

Yankee Pot Roast has an amusing list of Dead Ends from Rejected "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Books. Man, I used to love those books.

In an article in the Times Online, a journaliast tries a week on the Jesus Diet.

Dontclick.it is an experiment in a new form of web browsing that eschews the mouseclick, navigating solely by movement and gesture. Interesting concept and implementation. The content is mostly for show, but there are a couple interesting games and tricks. Some self-control is required -- the website flat-out challenges you to resist the click!

Guess-the-Google is a fun game developed using Google's image search feature. View a montage of images and guess the Google search term that fetched them all.

The Face of Tomorrow is an intriguing project that digitally combines the faces of people living in cities around the world to predict how future generations might look. I'm a sucker for this stuff.

B3ta presents The Phallic Logo Awards.

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Anonymous Anonymous:

I've suddenly been seized with the urge to download a SNES emulator and DKCountry ROM. Do you know where I can do this safely, without putting my new computer at risk for nasty stuff?
By the way, I tried Die Anstalt yesterday. Very cute! It kind of makes me want to buy the plush sheep.


Blogger bluewyvern:

For some reason I have two SNES emulators, with different games...I'm not sure why. Surely all games would work with either. But ZSNES is the better one, and you can download it from their site: http://www.zsnes.com/

Here's a site where you can download Donkey Kong Country: http://www.nerologic.com/Snes/D/Games/Donkey_Kong_Country.htm

For more roms, just Google snes roms and browse through the top few sites. There are a lot out there.


Anonymous orangeguru:

Faces of Tomorrow - since scientists and media people have discovered Photoshop and morphing we get such an 'investigation' almost every month. I remember such things as the german or world face.


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