Pigeon lady

Archive photo -- 2003

I've decided that this blog could use a little more color, so I'm going to try to post pictures from time to time. I should mention that I am by no means a photographer. I have never studied that noble art, and besides, my hands always shake. I have just a couple of old photos that are post-worthy -- I had the perfect one in mind for today, only to realize I'd taken it with a regular camera. I should really scan it or something. Anyway, this is another one from my semester in Paris two years ago. It's a pigeon lady at the fountain of St. Sulpice.



Blogger Maktaaq:

My biggest fear is turning into one of those ladies.

I really like feeding pigeons, so I am doomed.

Blogger bluewyvern:

Ah, but those ladies are pretty cool, as far as old crazy people go. In movies they get to be wise and mysterious and give the hero a piece of valuable information or advice.

Here's a question -- would you rather be a cat lady or a pigeon lady? If anything, I think I'm headed for the former...

Blogger Maktaaq:

A pigeon lady...I like to get out and meet people. Plus, if I were a cat lady, my hamsters would be in danger.

The pigeon lady in Home Alone 2 was not all that wise or mysterious.

My parents, by the way, both have started feeding pigeons! They phoned me from Europe last night to tell me about how they lured a pigeon into their hands, grabbed it, closed the windows, pet in and continued hand feeding it until they were through with studying the cutie. Then they let it go.

Blogger bluewyvern:

You know, when I said pigeon lady in movies, the only one that I could come up with was the one in Home Alone 2. I don't remember the movie too well -- she wasn't wise and mysterious? But I probably should have said books. I'm pretty sure the likes of Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman have had wise and mysterious pigeon ladies.

There are indeed many benefits to pigeons as opposed to cats. The pigeon lady gets to keep her dwelling-place free of animal by-products, as she consorts with her chosen creatures outdoors. And I, for one, am allergic, which is why my interest in keeping cats is waning...maybe pigeons really is the way to go.

Anonymous Anonymous:

2 years ago...Jess, time is moving too fast! I demand that something be done. So I just broke down and joined livejournal. Ladysusan was taken, curse it all (in fact, I'm about to find out who this other ladysusan is), so I'm ladysusan118.



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