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I was recently visiting quirkybird's (creator of the excellent webcomic Bite Me) webpages, and I came across her page of webcomic links, most of which are so impressive that they now adorn my sidebar. I've felt the last few days as if I were picking through a treasure trove. A couple of them deserve special attention.

I am blown away by electric sheep comix. They are stunning, cosmic stories of life and death and sex and transformation, told in an incredibly innovative format that makes full use of the html medium, with lush artwork. I would especially recommend Delta Thrives, about a woman, a whale, and the afterlife; The Spiders, an intriguing alternate history of the Afghanistan conflict; and Chrysalis Colossus, in which a Victorian gentleman goes on a mind trip and meets his descendants.

The Perry Bible Fellowship is a cool little comic. Clicking on pictures in an imagemap will produce a short, surreal little story in four panels. The site also features animated films and nifty art.

Exploding dog is filed under "Other" because it's not really a comic. The pitch: you send in titles, and he will draw pictures based on or suggested by them. His sketchy, minimalist style is a little creepy and utterly cool.

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