I have created a blog.

Another blog, that is. I'm toying with the idea of maintaining this alongside my current Blurty. Seeing how I like the sleek professional look. And the ability to maintain a sidebar with links and customizable stuff. That part's nice so far.

Am a bit miffed that the addresses and usernames bluetea and bluewyvern were both taken. Is bluewyvern all that common? There seems to be one shadowing me, preceeding me everywhere I go, to my displeasure. And who else uses bluetea, of all things? So I am left with the not wholly satisfying username blue_tea and address bluewyverntea.blogspot.com. So there it is. We'll see how it goes...



Blogger bluewyvern:

Is this new blog good, bad, indifferent? What say you?

Blogger Maktaaq:

This is neat so far! The letters are bigger so it's easier for me to read. The name isn't that bad...but I had no idea what a wyvern was before I came across you!


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