Book your next vacation with the interplanetary time-travel agency

Steve Thomas has created a series of five incredibly sleek vintage-style posters advertising luxury interplanetary travel for a refined retrofuturistic age. From a midnight train to Saturn to a pit stop on Uranus to powder on Pluto, these images promise that the skies can be yours.

If three dimensions aren't enough for you, travel in the fourth to any one of the exotic eras featured in this time-travel agency poster series by Amy Martin to benefit 826LA, a Los Angeles nonprofit writing and tutoring center for kids. Pick from one of five great packages (or take all five for $10 off). The Echo Park Time Travel Mart can send you to see megaflora and fauna up close in Pangaea, study Bushido in feudal Japan, or learn binary to chat with the bots of Tokyo 2.0. Book your tickets now. Or yesterday.
Via io9.

Before you go, don't forget to take your Time Pills to enhance your time-travel experience. DO: Take only the dose your teleportator and/or teleportist recommends. DON'T: Mix time pills with alcohol, "recreational" drugs or digital pills of any kind. This can increase the risk of side effects, including timewalking, destination offsets, memory lapses, digital coma and hallucinations. Part of the "Future Vintage Series" by ~rootout.

If you want to explore the 'Verse in all its majesty, you should take a look at what Blue Sun Travel has to offer with this poster series by artist Adam Levermore-Rich.

The Blue Sun Travel Company encourages citizens of the Alliance to explore the many amazing vistas that comprise our proud republic. It’s a great, big ‘Verse full of fabulous sights to see and exotic cultures to experience. Whether you partake of the ancient, noble tea ceremony at the Companion Guild House on Sihnon, behold the awesome canyons of glass and steel on Londinium, enjoy the many distractions of the Gateway District on Persephone, shed a tear for our fallen Alliance heroes at the Monument at Serenity Valley, or be among the first to experience the pure tranquility of Miranda, a multitude of planets full of unparalleled adventure awaits you.

For the all-inclusive cruise experience, why not embark on a voyage aboard the Axiom? With Buy N Large, you'll travel in the luxury and comfort only a fleet of highly efficient robots attuned to your every need can provide. These retro Wall-E posters were designed by Eric Tan, whom io9 interviewed recently about his inspiration for the series.

Designer Rob Sheridan invites you on a thrilling Hyperion Holiday. More great work on his Sketchblog.

Chances are your interplanetary luxury liner will be passing through the City of New New York Municipal Spaceport ("Now with 7% fewer mid-air collisions!"). Always follow all recommended local safety and hygiene protocols. This series of Futurama posters will tell exactly you what you need to know, and no more.

Space isn't all nice and pretty, though. This series of Battlestar Galactica propaganda posters alerts you to the dangers out there and urges you to do your part. If you don't have a large travel budget, joining up with the Colonial Fleet is a great way to travel the stars, meet interesting people, and try to figure out whether or not they're Cylons. (Potentially of use: How to Spot a Cylon.)

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Anonymous Anonymous:

Your themes are just brilliant, Blue. ALwyas brilliant. I really marvel how you found so much material on this topic.

I really like the Europa and Venus ones (those old planes and zeppelins look good)...almost enough that I am considering ordering some. I also like the "Everything is bigger in Panagea" one. Maybe in t-shirt form for my next trip to Texas?

Thanks, Blue! Your posts are always so fun!

Blogger Jess Haskins:

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.

I started with the top two which came up on io9, and then once I started looking for more I was surprised by how much material there was. It seems that there's a real vogue in modern sci-fi to do vintage poster series. I'd forgotten about the Futurama posters, and I didn't even know about the ones for Firefly. Now I'm mostly just surprised that I didn't come across any retro Star Trek (or Star Wars, for that matter) posters advertising getaways to Risa, Bajor and Naboo.

Blogger Ray Lederer:

These are all awesome! I just wish the images were bigger:(

Blogger raydioviz:

Wow, great stuff. I absolutely love the retro travel poster look, applying them to science fiction genre is perfect. The Time Pills ads are terrific as well. Very inspiring, actually!

Blogger Jess Haskins:

Rayford: I know! I guess I hope that the small images will encourage people to click through to discover the original source. Plus it lets me fit in more samples. I always have such a hard time choosing!

Alan: I agree, it's the perfect marriage of form and subject. I love your sketches, btw. Great blog.

Blogger Tregonsee:

How about one for Mars: "Sky Olympus Mons!"


Blogger Jess Haskins:

Treg: Steve Thomas did one for Mars, actually: "Explore the Crimson Canyons!"

Money issues aside, why don't I have enoughwalls to display all these posters? *lament*

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Blogger Jess Haskins:

Hi, Adjie,

I'm sorry, I don't do link exchanges. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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