Fantasy dollhouses

Today I would like to present pair of stunning miniature replicas of locales from popular fantasy series. Both are exquisitely detailed, obviously labors of love.

First, creator Obelia medusa's Tiny Bag-End, Frodo's Hobbit-house faithfully recreated from the movie. Includes lots of nice close-ups.

Sal's Site has a sizeable collection of excellent dollhouse works by artist Sally Wallace, but be sure not to miss her Hogwarts. She has also done Mr. Ollivander's Wand Shop and Honeyduke's Candy Shop.

Bonus: not a dollhouse, but one of the most wonderfully detailed Lego structures I've seen: "Entrance to the Caves" by Norro. Full of little nooks and crannies, with some great landscaping -- those rocks! and those trees! These thumbnails don't do it justice -- check out the full gallery, with lots of different views.
Via The Brothers Brick.

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Blogger Unknown:

The tiny Bag-End house is incredible - I love the fact that she learnt how to do stained glass windows, electrical wiring and bricklaying for it - on a teeny scale. Very disorientating...

Anonymous Anonymous:

Great now I have "Knights of the Roundtable" stuck in my head. lol Yeh I used to do these all the time. I think my two greatest accomplishments were a whole pirate's island and a hospital with a fully operational ambulance. Holy crap that took forever to make.


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